Act of Apr. 25, 1907, P.L. 114, No. 92              Cl. 03
                                  AN ACT

     To encourage the breeding of horses; to regulate the public
        service of stallions; to require the registration of
        stallions; and to provide for the enforcement thereof.

        Compiler's Note:  The act of June 3, 1911, P.L.631, No.242
            appears to have supplied this act with the possible
            exception of Section 9.
        Section 9.  The State Livestock Sanitary Board is authorized
     to establish needful regulations, and to provide for official
     examination upon voluntary request from owners of stallions, and
     to issue certificates of approval for stallions that are
     approved in respect to purity of breeding, soundness,
     conformation, breed-type and their suitability to improve the
     horse stock of the State.