Act of Apr. 11, 1903, P.L. 164, No. 123              Cl. 16
                                  AN ACT

     To provide for the construction of bridges over or under
        existing railroads, at the expense of the county, where a
        public highway or a road, about to be opened, intersects or
        will intersect an existing railroad or railroads, and the
        township within which the bridges may be necessary is
        reasonably unable to bear the expense of the same.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That when one or more
     existing railroads, over or under which it may be advisable, for
     the protection of travelers, to erect a bridge, crosses a public
     road or highway which may hereafter be opened, and the erection
     of such bridge requires more expense than is reasonable that one
     or two adjoining townships should bear, or more than is
     reasonable that the township wherein the bridge is to be located
     should bear, the court of quarter sessions of the county wherein
     such bridge is to be erected shall, on the representations of
     the supervisors or on the petition of any of the inhabitants of
     the township, order a view, in the manner provided for in the
     case of roads; and if, on the report of the viewers, it shall
     appear to the court, grand jury and commissioners of the county
     that such bridge is necessary, and would be too expensive for
     such township or townships, it shall be entered on record as a
     county bridge: Providing, That this act shall not apply to
     existing roads and highways.
        Section 2.  After the entry of any such bridge as a county
     bridge, it shall be the duty of the commissioners of said county
     to provide for its erection, in the manner now provided by law
     for the erection of county bridges: Provided further, That the
     viewers shall have authority to apportion the cost of such
     bridge between the county and railroad company, in such
     proportion as the said viewers deem just and reasonable.