Act of Mar. 5, 1903, P.L. 11, No. 12               Cl. 23
                                  AN ACT

     Relating to institutions, associations, and societies having the
        care of delinquent, neglected or dependent children.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the institutions,
     associations, and societies, into whose care the custody of
     delinquent, neglected or dependent children may be committed by
     order of the courts of this Commonwealth, shall be subject to
     the same visitation, inspections, and supervision of the Board
     of Public Charities as the public charitable institutions of
     this State; and the courts of common pleas of this Commonwealth
     may require such information and statistics from such
     institutions, associations or societies as said judges deem
     necessary in order to enable them to exercise a wise discretion
     in dealing with children. Every such institution, association or
     society shall file with the Board of Public Charities an annual
     written or printed report, which shall contain a statement of
     the number of children cared for during the year, the number
     received, the number placed in homes, the number died, the
     number returned to friends; also, a financial statement, showing
     the receipts and disbursements of such institutions,
     associations or societies. The statement of receipts shall
     indicate the amount received from public funds, the amount
     received from donations, and the amount received from other
     sources, specifying the several sources. The statement of
     disbursements shall show the amount expended for salaries and
     other expenses, specifying the same; the amount expended for
     lands, buildings and investments. The Secretary of the Board of
     Public Charities shall furnish to each of the said courts of
     common pleas a list of such institutions, associations, and
     societies filing such annual reports, and no child shall be
     committed to the care of any such institution, association or
     society which shall not have filed a report, for the fiscal year
     last preceding, with the Board of Public Charities.