Act of Jul. 18, (0190) 1901, P.L. 711, No. 413          Cl. 03
                                  AN ACT

     To provide for the investigation of the diseases of domestic
        animals, and making an appropriation therefor.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the sum of ten thousand
     dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be and the same
     is hereby specifically appropriated out of any money in the
     Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of
     conducting investigations concerning the causes, nature,
     treatment and prevention of the diseases of the domestic animals
     of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with the object of
     discovering new facts which may be applied advantageously and
     profitably by the owners of live stock and those engaged in the
     care and rearing of animals.
        Section 2.  That such investigations shall be made by and
     under the direction of the State Live Stock Sanitary Board, and
     the said Board is hereby authorized to provide for and conduct
     such work of investigation as may be necessary to discover the
     most efficient, economical and practical means of avoiding and
     suppressing the diseases of the domestic animals of this
     Commonwealth; and such work, and the practical deductions
     therefrom, shall, upon the order of the Secretary of
     Agriculture, be published as a part of the annual report of the
     Department of Agriculture, or as bulletins from said Department.
        Provided however, That before any expenses shall be incurred
     under the provisions of this act, it shall first be approved by
     the Governor and the Secretary of Agriculture. The said
     appropriation is to be paid upon the warrant of the Auditor
     General, on the presentation of specifically itemized vouchers
     and the written approval of the Governor and Secretary of
     Agriculture as herein provided.