Act of Jul. 17, 1901, P.L. 668, No. 338              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing any municipality to connect with the sewer of any
        other municipality and township of the first class, for
        sewage purposes, and providing a method for ascertaining the
        damages caused thereby, and for the assessment and payment of
        the same.

        Compiler's Note:  Section 4701 of Act 317 of 1931 provided
            that Act 338 is repealed insofar as it relates to third
            class cities.
        Compiler's Note:  Section 1500 of Act 319 of 1917 provided
            that Act 338 is repealed insofar as it relates to
        Compiler's Note:  Section 1301(d) of Act 192 of 1915 provided
            that Act 338 is repealed insofar as it confers any powers
            or imposes any duties on boroughs.
        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That from and after the
     passage of this act any municipality and township of the first
     class in the Commonwealth may connect with the sewer or sewers
     owned by any adjacent or adjoining municipality, for sewage
     purposes, in the manner and subject to the conditions
     hereinafter prescribed.
        Section 2.  Whenever any city or borough or township of the
     first class shall desire to connect with the sewer of any
     adjacent municipality, for sewage purposes, an application shall
     be made by councils to the court of quarter sessions of the
     proper county, setting forth that fact; and if the court shall
     be of the opinion that this can be done without in any way
     impairing the usefulness of the existing sewer, it shall appoint
     three viewers, who shall personally view and inspect the sewer
     and the proposed connection therewith, and investigate all other
     facts in the case, and levy and assess the damages, or
     proportionate part of the expense of building the original
     sewer, which the petitioning municipality should pay, and also
     fix the proportion of the expense for repairs which each
     municipality shall thereafter bear, and determine all other
     questions liable to arise in connection therewith; and thereupon
     report to the court the result of their investigation and
     deliberations, which said report shall be confirmed within
     thirty days after the filing, unless an appeal should be taken
     therefrom, which appeal shall be prosecuted as similar appeals
     are now by law required to be prosecuted; and either party may
     appeal from the decision of the court of quarter sessions. (2
     repealed in part Jun. 3, 1971, P.L.118, No.6)