Act of Jun. 4, 1901, P.L. 429, No. 239              Cl. 53
                                  AN ACT

     For the establishment of boards of city trusts, in certain
        cities of this Commonwealth.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That whenever any property or
     estate, whatsoever, has been bequeathed or devised to any
     municipal corporation of this Commonwealth in trust, for the
     purpose of establishing or maintaining a public park for the use
     and benefit of the citizens of such municipality, it shall be
     lawful for, and the judge or judges of the court of common pleas
     of the county in which such municipal corporation is located, is
     or are, on petition of the councils of said municipal
     corporation, hereby directed to appoint five persons as
     directors of city trusts, all of whom shall be citizens of such
     municipality, and none of whom shall hold any office or
     employment thereunder, who shall exercise and discharge all the
     duties and powers of said city, however acquired, concerning
     such property bequeathed, devised or appropriated to such
     charitable use, to the extent that the same has been, or
     hereafter may be, by statute or otherwise, vested in or
     delegated to the said city or the officers thereof.
        Section 2.  That the persons so appointed shall serve as
     members of the board of directors of city trusts during good
     behavior, subject, however, to removal by the said judge or
     judges of the court of common pleas for dereliction or neglect
     of duty, or for any other cause deemed by the said court to be
     important for the conservation of the said trusts thus imposed
     upon them.
        All vacancies shall be, from time to time, filled by the said
     court, on petition of the councils of said city, or any of its
        Section 3.  It shall be the duty of the said directors of
     trusts to carefully invest and preserve the trust funds, and
     they shall have power to make such rules and by-laws for the
     proper regulation of their business not inconsistent with the
     terms annexed to any bequest or devise in the last will and
     testament of any decedent, and they shall have power to appoint
     and employ as many agents and employes as in their judgment
     shall be necessary for the proper discharge of said trust or
     trusts, and in the name and in accordance with the conditions of
     said trusts to do any and all things requisite for the proper
     administration and management of the property under their
        Section 4.  The said directors, in the discharge of their
     duties and within the scope of their powers aforesaid, shall be
     considered agents or officers of said city, but no compensation
     or emolument whatever shall be received by them for any services
     performed relating to the said trusts, nor shall any of them
     have or acquire any personal interest in any contract whatever
     made through them or their agents or employes.
        Section 5.  The provisions of this act shall not apply to or
     in any manner affect cities of the first or second classes.