Act of May 21, 1901, P.L. 274, No. 182              Cl. 16
                                  AN ACT

     To encourage county historical societies.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That from and after the
     passage of this act, the commissioners' board of the respective
     counties of this Commonwealth may, in its discretion, pay out of
     the county funds not otherwise appropriated, and upon proper
     vouchers being given, a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars,
     annually, to the historical society of said county, to assist in
     paying the running expenses thereof. Where such a society is
     comprised of residents of more than one county, the
     commissioners of said respective counties may jointly pay said
     sum in such proportion as they shall agree.
        (1 amended May 1, 1919, P.L.101, No.77)
        Section 2.  In order to entitle the said historical society
     to the said appropriation, the following conditions shall have
     been first complied with: The money shall be paid to the oldest
     society in each county, if there be more than one; it shall have
     been organized at least three years; incorporated by the proper
     authority, and have an active membership of one hundred persons,
     each of whom shall have paid into the treasury of said society a
     membership fee of at least two dollars for the support of the
     same: And provided further, That no appropriation under this act
     shall be renewed until vouchers shall be first filed with the
     board of county commissioners, showing that the appropriation
     for the prior year shall have been expended for the purpose
     designated by this act.
        Section 3.  And be it further enacted, that to entitle said
     society to receive said appropriation it shall hold at least two
     public meetings yearly, whereat papers shall be read or
     discussions held on historic subjects; that it shall have
     established a museum, wherein shall be deposited curios and
     other objects of interest relating to the history of county or
     State, and shall have adopted a constitution and code of by-
     laws, and elected proper officers to conduct its business.