Act of May 11, 1901, P.L. 171, No. 137              Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     To regulate the acknowledgment or proofs of deeds, mortgages and
        other instruments of writing by corporations, the form of
        certificates thereof, and confirming those heretofore made.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That a corporation may
     acknowledge any deed, conveyance, mortgage or other instrument
     of writing by an attorney appointed by such corporation, and
     such appointment may be embodied in said deed, conveyance,
     mortgage or other instrument of writing in substantially the
     following form:
        The (name of corporation) doth hereby constitute and appoint
     (name of appointee) to be its attorney for it, and in its name
     and as and for its corporate act and deed to acknowledge this
     (name of instrument), before any person having authority by the
     laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to take such
     acknowledgment, to the intent that the same may be duly
        Section 2.  Such acknowledgment may be made before any person
     or officer now or hereafter to be authorized by the laws of this
     Commonwealth to take acknowledgments of deeds or other
     instruments of writing, whose certificate of such acknowledgment
     shall be in substantially the following form: I hereby certify
     that on this _________ day of ________ , in the year of our Lord
     and ___________ , before me, the subscriber, (title of officer
     taking acknowledgment) personally appeared (name of attorney)
     the attorney named in the foregoing (name of instrument), and by
     virtue and in pursuance of the authority therein conferred upon
     him, acknowledged the said (name of instrument) to be the act of
     the said (corporation's name). Witness my hand and _______ seal
     the day and year aforesaid.
        Section 3.  All acknowledgments or proofs of deeds,
     conveyances, mortgages or other instruments of writing made by
     corporations prior to the passage of this act, are hereby
     validated and confirmed.
        Section 4.  All acts or parts of acts inconsistent herewith
     are hereby repealed.