Act of Apr. 18, 1899, P.L. 56, No. 53               Cl. 16
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing the county commissioners of the several counties in
        this Commonwealth to appoint a clerk, fix his compensation,
        and prescribe the term and duties of the clerk, except in
        counties where the clerk to the county commissioners is
        elected by the people.

        Section 1.  Majority may appoint clerk
        The county commissioners of the several counties within this
     Commonwealth shall constitute a board, a majority of whom shall
     have authority to appoint a competent person as clerk.  1899,
     April 18, P.L. 56, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Term of office of clerk; vacancies
        The clerk so appointed shall hold his office for the term of
     four years, and in case of a vacancy by death, resignation, or
     removal for cause, his successor shall serve for the unexpired
     time for which he was appointed, and shall receive such salary
     as the commissioners shall determine.  1899, April 18, P.L. 56,
     Sec. 2; 1913, May 8, P.L. 161, Sec. 1.
        Section 3.  Clerk; duties and oath of office
        He shall keep the books and accounts of the board, record or
     file their proceedings and papers, attest all orders and
     warrants issued by them, and perform all other duties pertaining
     to his office as clerk; he shall before entering upon the duties
     of his office take and subscribe the oath prescribed by section
     one of article seven of the Constitution of this Commonwealth,
     which oath or affirmation shall be filed by such clerk in the
     office of the clerk of the court of quarter sessions of the same
     county.  1899, April 18, P.L. 56, Sec. 3.
        Section 4.  Application of act limited
        Provided, That this act shall not be construed to authorize
     the appointment of commissioners' clerk by the county
     commissioners of any county wherein the clerk to the
     commissioners is now elected by the people.  1899, April 18,
     P.L. 56, Sec. 4.
        Section 5.  Clerk to give bond
        The clerk so appointed shall enter into a bond to the county
     with sufficient sureties for the faithful performance of his
     duties in such sum as may be designated by the commissioners.
     1899, April 18, P.L. 56, Sec. 5.