Act of Mar. 15, 1899, P.L. 8, No. 4                Cl. 72
                                  AN ACT

     To regulate the manner in which appropriations to educational,
        penal, reformatory, charitable, benevolent, or eleemosynary
        institutions shall be paid.

        Section 1.  Payment of certain appropriations; unexpended
        All appropriations hereafter made to educational, penal,
     reformatory, charitable, benevolent, or eleemosynary
     institutions shall be paid on the warrant of the Auditor General
     on a settlement made by him and the State Treasurer, but no
     warrant shall be drawn on settlement made until the directors or
     managers of such institutions shall have made, under oath, to
     the Auditor General a report, accompanied by the vouchers,
     containing a specifically itemized statement of the receipts
     from all sources and the expenses of the institution during the
     previous quarter, together with the cash balance on hand, and
     the same is approved by him and the State Treasurer, nor until
     the Treasurer shall have sufficient money in the Treasury, not
     otherwise appropriated, to pay the quarterly instalments due the
     institution; and unexpended balances of sums appropriated for
     specific purposes shall not be used for other purposes, whether
     specific or general, and shall revert to the State Treasury at
     the close of the fiscal period for which it was made.  1899,
     March 15, P.L. 8, Sec. 1; as amended 1961, May 9, P.L. 182, No.
     90, Sec. 1.
        Section 3.  Application of section 3482
        The provisions of this act shall not apply to appropriations
     made to land grant colleges in order to carry into effect the
     act of Congress, approved July second, one thousand eight
     hundred and sixty-two, granting public land to the several
     states for educational purposes, and subsequent act of Congress
     related thereto, and the act of the Legislature of Pennsylvania,
     approved April first, one thousand eight hundred sixty-three
     hundred thirteen), and subsequent acts of the Legislature of
     Pennsylvania accepting the provisions and Conditions of said
     acts of congress and pledging the faith of the State to carry
     the same into effect: Provided, however, That land grant
     colleges shall be entitled to funds appropriated only upon
     presentation by them of certified payrolls and vouchers showing
     expenditures in accordance with the appropriations.  1899, March
     15, P.L. 8, Sec. 3, Added 1945, June 1, P.L. 1378, Sec. 1.