Act of Jun. 24, 1895, P.L. 244, No. 151              Cl. 32
                                  AN ACT

     To prevent the pollution of the waters of streams supplying
        centers of population, by the use of land for burial purposes
        within prescribed limits.

        Section 1.  Pollution of water by use of land for burial
     purposes prohibited
        That it shall be unlawful to use for the burial of the dead
     any land the drainage from which passes into any stream
     furnishing the whole or any portion of the water supply of any
     city, except beyond the distance of one mile from such city:
     Provided, however That the prohibitions of this act shall not be
     enforceable against any land now devoted to burial purposes in
     which there shall have heretofore been burials and sales of
     burial lots.  1895, June 24, P.L. 244, Sec. 1.