Act of Jun. 8, 1891, P.L. 212, No. 184              Cl. 35
                                  AN ACT

     In relation to cremation of human bodies in this Commonwealth.

        Section 1.  Permit to Cremate
        Every undertaker or proprietor or person in charge of any
     crematory or furnace or place where any human corpse shall or
     may be cremated or incinerated, shall, before removing any such
     corpse to, or receiving any such corpse at, such crematory,
     furnace or place for cremating or incinerating the same, obtain
     a permit to cremate or incinerate such corpse from the board or
     department of health or local health authorities of the city or
     locality within which such crematory furnace or place is
     situate.  1891, June 8, P.L. 212, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Before such permit shall be granted, every person
     applying therefor, shall deposit and file in the office of such
     board or department of health or local health authorities, a
     certificate signed in ink by the physician attending during the
     last illness of such deceased person, (or the certificate of the
     coroner), and the undertaker and proprietor or person in charge
     of such crematory, furnace or place, setting forth the
     decedent's name, age, sex, birthplace, color, last residence by
     ward, street and number, if such residence was in a city,
     otherwise as nearly as may be, the time of residence therein,
     the place of last previous residence, the cause, place and time
     of death, the place, date and hour of the intended cremation or
     incineration, and, when practicable, the names of the father and
     mother of deceased.
        Section 3.  Any person wilfully violating any of the
     provisions of this act or being present at, helping or assisting
     in any cremation or incineration of any human corpse where a
     permit has not been previously obtained in conformity with and
     as required by this act, shall forfeit and pay for every offense
     not less than fifty dollars nor more than three hundred dollars,
     to be recovered before alderman or police magistrate within the
     city or county where the offense shall be committed. (1891, June
     8, P.L. 212, Sec. 2)