Act of May 20, 1891, P.L. 98, No. 73               Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     Confirmatory of the conveyances of real estate.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That all deeds and
     conveyances of lands within this Commonwealth heretofore made
     and executed, and duly recorded in the county where the lands
     therein conveyed lie, under the authority of any last will and
     testament, by the executor or executors thereof, or trustee or
     trustees named in said will, and having power therein to convey
     real estate, the said will having been duly proved and letters
     testamentary granted as prescribed by the laws of the State of
     which the testator was a citizen at the time of his death,
     shall, upon the recording of a copy of said last will, duly
     certified as prescribed by the acts of Congress, in the office
     of the register of wills in the county where the lands conveyed
     lie, be held to have the same force and effect to pass and
     convey the estate that was in the testator at the time of his
     decease, and intended to be conveyed by the deed or conveyance,
     as if such will had been duly proved and letters testamentary
     thereon granted within this Commonwealth: Provided, That all
     such deeds or conveyances shall be in such form and drawn in
     such manner, as to convey the estate intended to be conveyed,
     either by the laws of this Commonwealth, or by the laws of the
     State of the testator's domicile, and shall have been duly
     acknowledged as prescribed by existing laws of this
     Commonwealth: And provided, That nothing herein contained shall
     affect the rights of the parties to any suit now pending.