Act of Jun. 14, 1887, P.L. 401, No. 265              Cl. 35
                                  AN ACT

     To provide for the selection of sites and the erection of State
        Hospitals thereon for injured persons, to be located within
        the bituminous and semi-bituminous coal regions of this
        Commonwealth, to be called the State Hospitals for Injured
        Persons within the Bituminous and semi-Bituminous Coal
        Regions of Pennsylvania, and for the management of the same,
        and making appropriations therefor.

        Section 8.  Boards of trustees; powers
        The said commissioners, on the completion of said hospitals,
     shall surrender their trusts to the board of managers, to
     consist of nine members for each hospital, to be appointed by
     the governor from the counties (Counties of Allegheny, Bedford,
     Fayette, Greene, Somerset, Washington, Armstrong, Beaver,
     Butler, Indiana, Westmoreland, Cameron, Clarion, Crawford,
     Clearfield, Elk, Erie, Forest, Jefferson, Lawrence, McKean,
     Mercer, Venango, Warren, Blair, Bradford, Cambria, Centre,
     Sullivan, Clinton, Huntington, Potter, Lycoming and Tioga.)
     named in the first section of this act, said manager or trustees
     shall be a body politic or corporate, by the name and style of
     "The Trustees of the Cottage State Hospitals for Injured Persons
     of the Bituminous and semi-Bituminous Coal Regions of
     Pennsylvania," for which they are appointed.  They shall serve
     without compensation, other than necessary traveling expenses
     incurred in the discharge of the duties pertaining to the above-
     named institutions, and such expenses shall be paid out of
     moneys in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and
     shall manage and direct the concerns of said institutions, and
     make all necessary by-laws and regulations not inconsistent with
     the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth. 1887, June 14,
     P.L. 401, Sec. 8.
        Section 9.  Persons who may be treated
        That these hospitals shall be specially devoted to the
     reception, care, and treatment of injured persons; but the
     trustees may, in their discretion, receive, care for, and treat
     patients other than injured persons, either medical or surgical,
     when the hospital facilities are for the time being more than
     sufficient for the accommodation of injured persons in the
     hospital, and a reasonable allowance of room for prospective
     patients of this class, and, in the order of admission, indigent
     injured persons shall have precedence over any other class of
     patients.  1887, June 14, P.L. 401, Sec. 9; 1911, June 9, P.L.
     837, Sec. 1.
        Section 10.  Donations; quarterly statements
        It shall be lawful for the trustees of said hospital to
     receive contributions or donations from any person, firm or
     corporation offering to contribute or donate any money or other
     valuable consideration, whether by will, deed, gift or
     otherwise, to aid in the support, maintenance and for improving
     the property of said hospital: Provided, That the proceeds of
     all contributions or donations received by the said trustees,
     under the provisions of this section, shall be specially
     appropriated for the purposes herein stated: Provided further,
     That an itemized statement of the same, showing the whole amount
     of money received by the said trustees, under the provisions of
     this section, and the name or names of any person, firm or
     corporation contributing or donating the same, together with an
     itemized statement of the expenditures of said money, shall be
     made quarterly, under oath, to the Auditor General, the same as
     Statements for state appropriations are now required by law.
     1887, June 14, P.L. 401, Sec. 10.
        Section 11.  Visitors
        The Governor, judges of the several courts of record of this
     Commonwealth, inspectors of mines for the region, and members of
     the Legislature shall be ex officio visitors of the institution.
     1887, June 14, P.L. 401, Sec. 11.