Act of May 19, 1887, P.L. 139, No. 85               Cl. 36
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing the courts of quarter sessions to make orders about
        the payment of costs in road cases.

        Section 1.  Control of court over costs
        In all matters, proceedings and hearings before the courts of
     quarter sessions relating to the laying out, opening, reviewing
     or re-reviewing of public or private roads and claims for
     damages, or any other matters relating to such roads, in the
     different Counties of the Commonwealth, it shall be lawful for
     the court hearing such proceedings to make such order about the
     payment of the necessary costs incurred as to the court shall
     appear right and just.  1887, May 19, P.L. 139, No. 85, Sec. 1.