Act of May 19, 1887, P.L. 134, No. 79               Cl. 42
                                  AN ACT

     Relating to costs and the manner of computing mileage in certain

        Section 1.  Mileage
        Jurors, witnesses and constables attending the several courts
     of this Commonwealth, or any other persons, who, by law are
     required to travel to the county seat, and who, under existing
     laws, are entitled to mileage, shall have the same computed by
     the route usually traveled in going from the points or places
     where said jurors, witnesses, constables, or other persons may
     respectively reside to the county seat, whether that route be by
     the public highways, railroads or otherwise: Provided, That in
     no case shall more mileage be allowed than for the miles
     actually traveled.  1887, May 19, P.L. 134, Sec. 1.