Act of Jul. 8, 1885, P.L. 268, No. 194              Cl. 53
                                  AN ACT

     Relative to the purchase of lands by county commissioners at
        sales thereof for arrearages of taxes.

        Section 1.  Commissioners may purchase lands sold for taxes
        If any tract of land hereafter sold for taxes shall not have
     bidden for it a sum equal to the whole amount of taxes and the
     costs then accrued, it shall be the duty of the commissioners of
     the proper county, or any of them, to bid off the same and a
     deed shall, thereupon, be made by the treasurer to the
     commissioners for the time being and their successors in office
     to and for the use of the proper county.  And it shall be the
     duty of the commissioners to provide a book, wherein shall be
     entered the name of the person or persons as whose estate the
     same shall have been sold, the quantity of land or number of lot
     and number of tract, if any, the amount of the taxes and the
     costs it was sold for, and every such tract of land shall not
     thereafter, so long as the same shall remain the property of the
     county, be charged in the duplicate of the proper collector, but
     for five years next following such sale, if it shall so long
     remain unredeemed, the commissioners shall, in separate columns
     in the same book, charge every such tract of land with like
     county, school, road or other taxes as would have been
     chargeable against the said land had the same not been sold and
     purchased by the commissioners as aforesaid.  1885, July 8, P.L.
     268, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Rate of taxation to be certified to commissioners
        It shall be the duty of the proper officers levying and
     fixing the rate of taxation for all local or other purposes
     within any county of this Commonwealth, wherein the
     commissioners thereof have purchased land as aforesaid,
     annually, immediately after levying such local or other tax or
     fixing the rate thereof, to certify or cause to be certified by
     their clerk or secretary, to the county commissioners, the rate
     of taxation upon real estate for such local or other purpose in
     order that the lands purchased as aforesaid may be charged with
     such taxes.  1885, July 8, P.L. 268, Sec. 2.
        Section 3.  Right of redemption to endure for two years
        The right of redemption shall remain in the real owner of
     such land for two years after such sale, and on paying the
     treasurer of the county all taxes and costs due thereon at the
     time of sale, and interest thereon, and also the taxes which
     have been levied and charged thereon from year to year after the
     sale, and interest thereon from the time such taxes ought to
     have been paid, and on production of the treasurer's receipt
     therefor, the commissioners shall by deed poll, indorsed on the
     back of the treasurer's deed to them, convey to the person who
     shall have been owner of the land at the time of the sale, or
     his legal representatives, all rights and title which the county
     may have acquired under such sale as aforesaid; and the moneys
     received shall be paid to the respective townships or districts
     in which such lands shall lie, as they may be entitled thereto:
     provided, that this act shall not apply to sales of land already
     made to county commissioners.  1885, July 8, P.L. 268, Sec. 3;
     1889, May 9, P.L. 141, Sec. 1.
        Section 4.  Unredeemed lands to be sold at public sale
        If the owner or owners of any such lands, purchased by the
     commissioners as aforesaid, shall not redeem the same within the
     period aforesaid it shall thereafter be lawful for the
     commissioners to sell any such lands at public sale, and make a
     deed or deeds therefor to the purchaser or purchasers with like
     effect and in the same manner that unseated lands purchased by
     county commissioners are now by law authorized to be sold by
     them, and after such sale the lands shall thereafter be charged
     by the proper assessor in the name of such last purchaser or
     redeemer, and shall again be liable to be assessed and sold for
     taxes as other lands.  1885, July 8, P.L. 268, Sec. 4.