Act of Apr. 24, 1885, P.L. 9, No. 11               Cl. 03
                                  AN ACT

     To amend an act, entitled "An act to provide for the
        destruction, and to prevent the spread of Canada thistles,"
        approved the twenty-second day of March, Anno Domini one
        thousand eight hundred and sixty-two.

        Section 3.  Supervisors to destroy on public roads; notice to
     owners of unseated lands
        It shall be the duty of the supervisor or supervisors of the
     public roads or highways in every township or district as
     aforesaid, to cut and destroy in the same manner all such weeds
     on or along such roads, and in case of unseated or mountain
     lands, whenever it shall come to the knowledge of either the
     supervisor or constable of the existence of any such weeds
     thereon, it shall be his duty to notify the owner or owners, or
     agents of said lands in writing, giving ten days' notice, to cut
     and destroy the same as aforesaid, and upon failure to comply at
     the end of ten days, such officer or any person or persons
     employed by him, shall proceed in the manner hereinbefore
     provided, with like fees and compensation, and if any such
     constable or supervisor shall neglect or refuse to perform his
     duties as prescribed by this act, he shall be liable to a fine
     of ten dollars, the same to be sued for and recovered as
     aforesaid, by the party or parties aggrieved or about to be
     injured by such neglect or refusal. 1885, April 24, P.L. 9, Sec.
     3; 1923, April 23, P.L. 83, Sec. 3; as re-enacted, 1939, May 26,
     P.L. 243, Sec. 3.

        Compiler's Note:  Section 3 was probably repealed by the act
     of April 7, 1982, P.L.228, No.74.