Act of Jun. 20, 1883, P.L. 136, No. 122              Cl. 76
                                  AN ACT

     To regulate the computation of time under statutes, rules,
        orders and decrees of court, and under charters and by-laws
        of corporations, public and private.

        Section 1.  Computation of time
        Where by any existing law or rule of court, or by any law or
     rule of court that may hereafter be enacted and made, the
     performance or doing of any act, duty, matter, payment or thing
     shall be ordered and directed, and where any court shall, by
     special or other order, direct the performance or doing of any
     act, matter, payment, sentence or decree, and the period of time
     or duration for the performance or doing thereof shall be
     prescribed and fixed, such time in all cases shall be so
     computed as to exclude the first, and include the last days of
     any such prescribed or fixed period, or duration of time:
     Provided, That whenever the last day of any such period shall
     fall on Saturday or Sunday, or on any day made a legal holiday
     by the laws of this Commonwealth, or of the United States, such
     day shall be omitted from the computation: And provided, That
     this act shall not apply to the payment of negotiable paper.
     1883, June 20, P.L. 136, Sec. 1; 1959, Aug. 11, P.L. 692, No.
     233, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Act to apply to ordinances, etc; of municipal and
     other corporations
        The provisions of this act shall also apply to the
     ordinances, resolutions, by-laws and other regulations of all
     municipal or other public or private corporations now existing
     or hereafter created.  1883, June 20, P.L. 136, Sec. 2.