Act of Jun. 13, 1883, P.L. 118, No. 105              Cl. 29
                                  AN ACT

     Ceding concurrent jurisdiction of this State over certain lands
        owned or hereafter acquired by the United States.

        Section 1.  Jurisdiction of State ceded to the United States,
     in certain cases
        The jurisdiction of this State is hereby ceded to the United
     States of America over all such pieces or parcels of land, not
     exceeding ten acres in any one township, ward or city, or
     borough, within the limits of this State, as have been or shall
     hereafter be selected and acquired by this United States for the
     purpose of erecting post offices, custom houses or other
     structures, exclusively owned by the general government, and
     used for its purposes: Provided, That an accurate description
     and plan of such lands, so acquired, verified by the oath of
     some officer of the general government having knowledge of the
     facts, shall be filed with the Department of Internal Affairs of
     this State as soon as said United States shall have acquired
     possession of the same.
        All such descriptions and plans heretofore filed with the
     Secretary of the Commonwealth shall, as soon as it may
     conveniently be done, be transferred to the Department of
     Internal Affairs, and the Department of Internal Affairs shall
     give to the Secretary of the Commonwealth proper receipts for
     such descriptions and plans.
        The jurisdiction so ceded to the United States of America is
     granted upon the express condition that the Commonwealth of
     pennsylvania shall retain concurrent jurisdiction, with the
     United States in and over the lands and buildings aforesaid, in
     so far that civil process in all cases, and such criminal
     process as may issue under the authority of the Commonwealth of
     Pennsylvania against anyone charged with crime committed outside
     said land, may be executed thereon in the same manner as if this
     jurisdiction had not been ceded. The United States shall retain
     such jurisdiction so long as the said land shall be used for the
     purposes for which jurisdiction is ceded and no longer.
        The jurisdiction so ceded to the United States shall be upon
     the further condition that the Commonwealth reserves to itself
     and its political subdivisions whatever power of taxation it may
     constitutionally reserve, to levy and collect all taxes now or
     hereafter imposed by the Commonwealth and its political
     subdivisions upon property, persons, and franchises within the
     boundaries so ceded.  1883, June 13, P.L. 118, Sec. 1; 1905,
     March 17, P.L. 45, Sec. 1; 1933, May 2, P.L. 223, Sec. 1; 1945,
     April 17, P.L. 235, Sec. 1.