Act of Jun. 10, 1881, P.L. 118, No. 137              Cl. 71
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act in regard to the boundary monuments on the line
        between the state of Pennsylvania and the states of Ohio and
        West Virginia, approved the eighteenth day of May, Anno
        Domini one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight.

        Section 1.  Commission continued
        The duties of the commission, authorized to be created by the
     act to which this act is a supplement and which are in said act
     prescribed, are hereby continued, and the said commission is
     further authorized, when the line shall be finally settled, to
     place such stone monuments on the same and at such distances
     apart, not to exceed one monument to each mile, as the
     commissioners may deem necessary, and the commission and its
     successors, who shall be appointed by the Governor should death,
     resignation or other cause change the personal organization of
     the same, shall make report and account of all expenditures, as
     required in the act to which this act is a supplement: Provided,
     That the states of Ohio and West Virginia shall authorize the
     creation of or the continuance of the commission or
     commissioners, which on the part of the said state have acted or
     may act in conjunction with the Commission provided for by this
     commonwealth in the act to which this act is a supplement, so
     that the ascertainment of the true location, the renewal and
     placing of the monuments shall be sustained by the joint
     authority of the two states bordering each other, and the said
     two states so bordering each other shall bear equally all
     reasonable expenditure in actual survey of the line or lines;
     and the compensation of said commissioners shall be six dollars
     per day, for each and every day necessarily employed in the
     discharge of said duties hereinbefore defined by the act to
     which this act is a supplement.  1881, June 10, P.L. 118, Sec.
        Section 2.  Defacing State boundary marks
        If any person or persons shall wilfully remove, disturb,
     deface or in any way injuriously interfere with any monument,
     the joint commission of the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio, or
     the joint commission of Pennsylvania and West Virginia may deem
     necessary to the proper marking of the boundary line, and shall
     have placed thereon or adjacent thereto as index monuments, said
     person or persons shall pay a fine of not less than five hundred
     dollars, and be imprisoned not less than one, or more than six
     months, or both, at the discretion of the court.  1881, June 10,
     P.L. 118, Sec. 2.