Act of May 26, 1881, P.L. 35, No. 41               Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     Relative to the acknowledgment of deeds and other instruments of
        writing taken before any alderman, ratifying and confirming
        the same.

        Section 1.  Acknowledgments under private seals of aldermen
        Instruments, which have been heretofore acknowledged or
     proved before any alderman of this commonwealth, duly required
     by law to be provided with a public aldermanic seal to
     authenticate all his acts and attestations, the certificate of
     which shall have been made under the hand or private seal of the
     alderman, such certificate shall be taken to be as valid for all
     purposes as if the said acknowledgment or proof had been
     certified or authenticated under their aldermanic seal, and the
     recording of such deeds and other instrument is hereby ratified
     and confirmed.  1881, May 26, P.L. 35, Sec. 1.