Act of May 11, 1881, P.L. 21, No. 25               Cl. 16
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act, entitled "An act to carry into effect section five,
        of article fourteenth, of the constitution, relative to the
        salaries of county officers and the payment of fees received
        by them into the state or county treasury, in counties
        containing over one hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants,"
        approved the thirty-first day of March, one thousand eight
        hundred and seventy-six amending section thirteen of said

        Section 2.  Salaries to be altered only by act of Assembly,
     notwithstanding change in population
        The schedule of salaries fixed by this act, and the act to
     which this is a supplement, shall not be altered or changed by
     the increase or decrease of the population of the county, as
     shown by any national census, but the same shall be and remain
     as fixed by law, notwithstanding such increase or decrease of
     population, until altered by act of Assembly.  1881, May 11,
     P.L. 21, Sec. 2.