Act of May 28, 1879, P.L. 69, No. 76               Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing councils of the cities of the second class, of this
        commonwealth, to make an amicable settlement of municipal
        liens for the grading, paving and curbing, or otherwise
        improving, streets or avenues in said cities, either under
        general or special laws.

        Section 1.  Council may make amicable settlement of liens for
     cost of improving streets
        The councils of the Cities of the Second Class, of this
     Commonwealth, shall be authorized to make an amicable settlement
     with parties assessed with the cost of grading, paving and
     curbing or otherwise improving of streets or avenues in said
     cities, under general or special laws; that in making such
     settlement councils shall be authorized to determine the
     proportion of the lien for each or all or any portion of the
     streets or avenues improved as aforesaid to be paid, and to fix
     the time or times of payment, and that when the amount so
     adjusted by councils shall have been fully paid, the assessment
     or lien upon which it has been paid shall be considered as paid
     in full.  1879, May 28, P.L. 69, Sec. 1.