Act of Apr. 11, 1879, P.L. 22, No. 18               Cl. 10
                                  AN ACT

     To enable religious corporations, chartered under the laws of
        this commonwealth, to hold and convey title to real estate
        which had been held prior to amendment of their charter.

        Section 1.  Religious corporations may hold and convey real
     estate purchases before amendment of charters
        When, under existing laws, any religious corporation shall
     apply to the court of common pleas of the proper county for an
     amendment or alteration of their charter, so as to acquire and
     hold real estate, and after decree and amendments are recorded
     and shall become a part of the charter of the said corporation,
     then such real estate which was purchased by and conveyed unto
     said corporation before amendment of their charter shall enure
     and vest in said corporation, with the same force and effect as
     if originally empowered to hold and acquire real estate:
     provided, that no inquisition shall have been taken against the
     real estate so held to escheat previous to the amendment of such
     charter: and provided further, that such real estate shall not
     exceed the amount in value which religious corporations are
     allowed to hold by charter.  1879, April 11, P.L. 22, Sec. 1.