Act of Mar. 29, 1872, P.L. 29, No. 18               Cl. 74
                           A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT

     To an act passed March twenty-ninth, one thousand eight hundred
        and three, to establish a board of wardens for the port of
        Philadelphia, and for other purposes.

        WHEREAS, The pilots of the bay and river Delaware are not
     adequately compensated for their services at the present rates
     allowed by the acts of assembly now existing, and for the
     benefit of the commerce of this port, they should be properly
     compensated for their services, thereby commanding competent and
     intelligent men to follow the hazardous and necessary business
     of piloting on the bay and river Delaware; therefore,

        Section 2.  Settlement of disputes in regard to pilotage
        In case of a disagreement between the master, owner or
     consignee, and the pilot, the board of wardens for the port of
     Philadelphia shall be empowered to settle all matters relative
     to the business of piloting, subject to the laws heretofore
     enacted by this Commonwealth, giving the parties feeling
     aggrieved by any action of the wardens, a right to appeal within
     thirty days to the court of common pleas for the City and County
     of Philadelphia, setting forth the facts of the case, and the
     ground of the petitioner's complaint; after due notice to the
     parties interested and a hearing thereof, the court shall
     determine the subject-matter, and shall make such order in the
     premises as they may think the board of wardens for the port of
     Philadelphia should have made, and to make such order for the
     payment of costs, by one or more of the parties to the
     proceedings, as justice may require.  1872, March 29, P.L. 29,
     Sec. 2.