Act of Feb. 18, 1871, P.L. 100, No. 109              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     Relating to the erection of school buildings, by the board of
        public education, in the city of Philadelphia.

        Section 1.  Erection of school houses to be under direction
     of board; advertisement and letting of contracts
        Whenever the board of public education of the City of
     Philadelphia has determined upon the erection of a new school-
     house, and the councils of the City of Philadelphia have made an
     appropriation of money to build the same, all matters in
     connection with the erection of said school-house shall be under
     the direction of said board of public education, who,
     immediately after the appropriation is made by councils, shall
     have a proper plan and specifications of said new school-house
     prepared; and they shall advertise in at least four of the daily
     papers of the City of Philadelphia, for not less than one week,
     for proposals for building said school-house, under the plan and
     specifications named; said advertisement shall state the time
     and place at which said proposals shall be opened, at which time
     and place the proposals made shall be publicly read, and the
     contract for the building shall be awarded to the lowest bidder
     within the amount appropriated, proper security being taken for
     the performance of the terms of contract so awarded.  1871, Feb.
     18, P.L. 100, Sec. 1.