Act of Feb. 23, 1870, P.L. 218, No. 211              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     To provide for the better security of buildings from fire in the
        city of Philadelphia.

        Section 1.  Building inspectors to examine flues
        In addition to the duties now required by law, it shall be
     the duty of the Inspectors of Buildings, in the City of
     Philadelphia, to examine the flues of every building or
     buildings, in the course of erection or alteration within the
     limits of said city, and shall require the contractor or
     builders to so construct the flues thereof that fire will not
     communicate with the adjacent woodwork; nor shall any flue be
     built in any part or division wall, unless the same is more than
     nine inches thick.  1870, Feb. 23, P.L. 218, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Builders to give notice to inspectors to examine
     flues within forty-eight hours
        It shall be the duty of contractor, contractors or builders
     erecting or altering buildings, to notify said inspectors, whose
     duty it is hereby made, within forty-eight hours thereafter, to
     examine and approve or condemn said flues.  1870, Feb. 23, P.L.
     218, Sec. s.
        Section 3.  Penalty for violation of preceding section
        Any contractor, contractors or builders refusing or
     neglecting to comply with this act, shall, upon conviction
     thereof, be fined in the sum of not less than five hundred or
     more than one thousand dollars: Provided, That the provisions of
     this bill shall not apply to the Rural Districts of the Twenty-
     Third Ward of the City of Philadelphia. 1870, Feb. 23, P.L. 218,
     Sec. 3.