Act of Mar. 22, 1865, P.L. 538, No. 522              Cl. 11
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act, entitled "An Act to provide for the appointment of
        fence viewers, in the city of Philadelphia," approved March
        eleventh, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two.

        Section 1.  Remedy for failure to repair or build
        If the party who shall be delinquent in making or repairing
     any fence, in accordance with the provisions of the act (act of
     1862, march 11, p.l. 109) of which this is a supplement, shall
     not, within ten days after the report shall have been approved
     by the board of surveyors, proceed to repair, or build, said
     fence, and complete the same in a reasonable time, it shall be
     lawful for the parties aggrieved to repair, or build, said
     fence; and if the costs for the work done, and materials
     furnished, are not paid by the delinquent party, within three
     months after the completion of the same, a lien may be filed
     against the premises, for said costs and expenses, which shall
     be of the same effect, and may be sued out and collected in the
     same manner as municipal claims are now by law collected.  1865,
     March 22, P.L. 538, Sec. 1.