Act of Apr. 17, 1861, P.L. 324, No. 309              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     To secure to Farmers certain rights in the Markets of the city
        of Philadelphia.

        WHEREAS, The authorities of the city of Philadelphia having
     the renting of the stalls and stands in the public market houses
     of the said city, have recently assumed to restrict farmers from
     selling upon said stalls any meat except that of animals fed or
     fattened on their farms, and to exercise the right of denying to
     farmers who have previously been the occupants of particular
     stalls any preference over other applicants in re-letting the
     same, thereby depriving them of the custom they have established
     at their respective stands; therefore,

        Section 1.  Privileges of farmers and occupiers of stalls in
        Any farmer, or person whose principal occupation is that of a
     farmer, being the lessee or occupant of a stall in any of the
     public market houses of the city of Philadelphia, or the
     occupant of a stand in any of the public streets of the said
     city, which may now or hereafter be made stands for market
     wagons, may lawfully sell at such stall or stand, in any
     quantity, any meat of a marketable quality slaughtered on his
     farm, without regard to whether the same be produced or fattened
     on his farm or elsewhere; and any such farmer who may now be, or
     hereafter become the lessee of any stall or stand, in any of the
     public market houses of the said city, shall be entitled to
     become the lessee of such stall or stand from year to year, and
     to continue to occupy the same in preference to any other
     person, so long as he may pay, within the proper time, the legal
     rent therefor, and comply with all proper rules and regulations
     for the government of said market houses; any act of Assembly,
     ordinance of the city councils, or requirement of the market
     department of the said city, to the contrary notwithstanding.
     1861, April 17, P.L. 324, Sec. 1.