Act of May 21, 1857, P.L. 639, No. 675              Cl. 12
                                  AN ACT

     Relative to Commission Merchants.

        Section 1.  Commission merchants, etc; may contract for
     interest at seven per cent
        Commission merchants, and agents of parties not residing in
     this Commonwealth, be and they are hereby authorized to enter
     into an agreement to retain the balances of money in their
     hands, and pay on the same a rate of interest not exceeding
     seven per centum per annum, and receive a rate of interest not
     exceeding that amount for any advance of money made by them on
     goods or merchandise consigned to them for sale or disposal:
     Provided, That this act shall only apply to moneys received from
     or held on account of, and advances made upon goods consigned
     from importers, manufacturers and others, living and transacting
     business in places beyond the limits of the State. 1857, May 21,
     P.L. 639, Sec. 1.