Act of Apr. 22, 1857, P.L. 296, No. 338              Cl. 36
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act relative to the laying out of a certain State Road
        from Curwinsville, Clearfield county, through the towns of
        Indiana and Saltsburg, in Indiana county, and through
        Westmoreland county to East Liberty, in Allegheny county, and
        for laying out certain State Roads, and for other purposes,
        approved the sixteenth day of April, Anno Domini one thousand
        eight hundred and thirty-eight.

        Section 1.  Act extended to other mines
        The provisions of the nineteenth section of the act passed
     the sixteenth day of April, 1838, shall be and the same are
     hereby extended to mines of iron ore and other minerals:
     Provided, That no such road hereafter laid out under said act,
     or the supplement thereto, shall exceed twenty-five feet in
     width.  1857, April 22, P.L. 296, Sec. 1.