Act of Apr. 22, 1856, P.L. 532, No. 568              Cl. 33
                                  AN ACT

     For the greater certainty of title and more secure enjoyments of
        Real Estate.

        Compiler's Note:  Section 2(a) of Act 53 of 1978 provided
            that Act 568 is repealed except for section 4 which was
            saved from repeal.

        WHEREAS, Public and private prosperity and happiness require
     that titles to real estate should be certain and secure, and
     that the people should acquire, hold and improve their
     homesteads and estates in the confidence that they will not be
     lost by secret and unknown claims, or by fraud and perjury, and
     also alienate them at their full value without abatement for
     legal doubts and uncertainties:

        Section 4.  Declaration of trusts and grants thereof to be in
        All declarations or creations of trusts or confidences of any
     lands, tenements or hereditaments, and all grants and
     assignments thereof, shall be manifested by writing, signed by
     the party holding the title thereof, or by his last will in
     writing, or else to be void: Provided, That where any conveyance
     shall be made of any lands or tenements by which a trust or
     confidence shall or may arise or result by implication or
     construction of law, or be transferred or extinguished by act or
     operation of law, then and in every such case such trust or
     confidence shall be of the like force and effect as if this act
     had not been passed.  1856, April 22, P.L. 532, Sec. 4.