Act of Apr. 11, 1856, P.L. 319, No. 341              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     To provide for the better regulations of Buildings in the city
        of Philadelphia.

        Section 3.  Party walls not to be built upon wooden girder;
        No party or division wall shall be built upon a wooden
     girder, except in the case of a party alley wall, where the
     alley shall not exceed four feet in width; and the act to which
     this is a supplement shall not be taken to prohibit wooden
     girders over piazzas, or any opening not exceeding six feet. All
     privy wells, or other wells, or cesspools, near buildings,
     coming within the provisions of said acts, shall be securely
     arched or covered with stone. Every chimney shaft of such
     buildings shall be carried up in brick or other incombustible
     material, to a height of not less than three feet above the
     juncture of any part thereof with the roof.
        The trenchers for the foundation walls shall be at least
     three inches below the surface of the cellar floor; and the ends
     of all joists of adjoining buildings shall be separated by an
     interposed brick and grouted with mortar.  1856, April 11, P.L.
     319, Sec. 3.
        Section 4.  Dangerous walls to be inspected upon written
     request of two citizens
        It shall be lawful and is hereby made the duty of the
     building inspectors, to inspect all walls and supports of
     buildings deemed dangerous, on the written request of any two
     citizens, upon giving forty-eight hours written notice of such
     intended visit to the owner thereof, or his agent; and if the
     same be found insufficient and dangerous, to order the removal
     or such alteration thereof as they may deem necessary for
     safety.  1856, April 11, P.L. 319, Sec. 4.