Act of Apr. 9, 1856, P.L. 294, No. 310              Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     Relative to Commissioners of Deeds.

        Section 1.  Commissions to continue in force for five years
        All commissions hereafter issued for the appointment of
     commissioners to take acknowledgment and proof of deeds and
     instruments under seal, depositions and other papers, under and
     by virtue of the act of Assembly of April 14, 1828, and its
     supplements, shall continue in force for five years from their
     date, and no longer, and may be revoked at any time by the
     Governor; and shall each be subject to a tax of five dollars,
     which shall be paid to the Secretary of the Commonwealth at the
     time of issuing the commission, and accounted for as provided by
     law in the case of other fees.  1856, April 9, P.L. 294, Sec. 1.