Act of May 4, 1852, P.L. 569, No. 341               Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     In reference to Clifton street, in the county of Philadelphia;
        relative to a certain wharf in Southwark, Philadelphia
        county; to inquisition on real estate; to Wallace township,
        Chester county; to the borough of Danville, in Columbia
        county; authorizing the canal board to examine the claim of
        David Lee, for damages; relative to limitation of actions;
        incorporating the Lock Haven and Flemington plank road
        company; relative to the Hand-in-Hand fire company; to Penn's
        Treaty ground in the district of Kensington; to the
        Watchmen's beneficial society; to the Western hospital; to
        actions in partition; to an election district in Lancaster
        county; authorizing the Female Medical college of
        Philadelphia to make a loan; relative to Mifflinburg bridge
        company; authorizing Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Society of
        Philadelphia to extinguish certain rent charge, and relative
        to Johnstown State road.

        Section 2.  Use of Queen Street wharf and docks; wharfage
        The owners and lessees of the wharf on the south side of
     Queen Street, in the district of southwark, philadelphia, and of
     the two docks on each side of it now occupied by the
     Pennsylvania Steamship Company, shall have the exclusive right
     to use and occupy the same for the purposes of any steamship or
     other vessel owned or chartered by, or consigned to them, or of
     any barge or barges, or other vessels used in the loading and
     unloading thereof; and at the request of such owner or lessee,
     it shall be the duty of the harbor master of the Port of
     Philadelphia forthwith to remove or cause to be removed any
     vessel or vessels which shall be so moored or laying as to
     obstruct the free ingress and egress to or from or the use and
     occupancy as aforesaid of either the said wharf, docks, or berth
     or berths, opposite the river front, owned or leased as
     aforesaid: provided, that the usual charge for occupancy in such
     cases be paid by said steamship company, to the owner or owners
     of such side wharves.  1852, May 4, P.L. 569, Sec. 2.