Act of Apr. 6, 1852, P.L. 268, No. 181              Cl. 72
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing the trustees of the estate of James Whitehead,
        deceased, to sell certain real estate and ground rents;
        authorizing John C. Mitchell, administrator de bonis non of
        Rebecca Redman, to sell real estate; relative to the estate
        of Henry Naglee, of Philadelphia county; to the sale of malt
        liquors in Clarion county; and to the Mutual Beneficial
        Insurance Association of Bucks county; the boundary line of
        the district of Kensington; and to the sale of hardware, by
        card, sample, or otherwise.

        Section 10.  Act not to apply to residents
        The ninth and tenth sections of an act, entitled "An Act to
     incorporate the Union School and Children's Home Asylum; to
     provide for the taxation of non-resident vendors of merchandise
     in the City and County of Philadelphia and for the relief of
     Edward Hutchinson," approved April 12, 1851, shall not be
     construed to apply to a citizen and permanent resident of
     Pennsylvania, or whose principal place of business is within the
     State, and who pays, in accordance with existing laws, a license
     of not less than one hundred dollars per annum, or to any
     resident, agent or agents as aforesaid, for the sale of
     hardware, by card, sample or other specimen.  1852, April 6,
     P.L. 268, Sec. 10.