Act of Apr. 12, 1851, P.L. 418, No. 252              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     Relative to roads and highways in Philadelphia county, and the
        Norristown and Valley Railroad Company, and supplementary to
        an act entitled "An Act relative to tax collectors in
        Montgomery county, to registered taxes within the county of
        Philadelphia," passed thirteenth March, one thousand eight
        hundred and forty-seven.

        Section 4.  Manner of assessing damages
        All laws providing for ascertaining the damages sustained by
     reason of the opening of any road or street in the County of
     Philadelphia, shall be construed to be properly executed and
     carried out if the jury and the proceedings are in accordance
     with the provisions of the "Act relating to roads, highways and
     bridges," passed the thirteenth day of June, 1836, and other
     general laws now in full force relative to the assessment of
     damages for the opening of streets and roads.  1851, April 12,
     P.L. 418, Sec. 4.