Act of Apr. 8, 1851, P.L. 356, No. 229              Cl. 53
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing the Canal Commissioners to investigate the claim of
        Benjamin H. Fredericks for damages sustained on the West
        Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, for the relief of
        John Kinzey, authorizing Samuel Caldwell to erect a wing dam
        in the Susquehanna river, relative to the sale of unseated
        lands in Lycoming, Clinton, Sullivan, and Centre counties,
        incorporating the Walker, Marion, and Howard Turnpike Road
        Company, fixing the rate of toll to be charged by the Larry's
        Creek Plank Road Company.

        Section 4.  Application of rule in certain counties
        In all public sales of lands hereafter to be made by the
     treasurers or Commissioners of the Counties of Lycoming,
     Clinton, Sullivan, or Centre, in pursuance of the laws of this
     Commonwealth, the rule of caveat emptor shall apply, and neither
     said treasurers nor said commissioners shall be required to
     refund the purchase money, costs or taxes paid upon any tract or
     tracts of land so sold as aforesaid. 1851, April 8, P.L. 356,
     Sec. 4.