Act of May 6, 1850, P.L. 692, No. 401               Cl. 53
                                  AN ACT

     To provide for the erection of a house for the employment and
        support of the poor in the county of Huntingdon; and to
        regulate the settlement of paupers in the county of Chester;
        to authorize the Ohio and Pennsylvania railroad company to
        borrow money; relative to the collection of taxes in the city
        of Pittsburg; and to the estate of John Hoff, deceased.

        Section 22.  Laws for collection of taxes on unseated lands
     extended to Pittsburgh
        The laws now in force for the collection of taxes on unseated
     lots or lands within the several counties of the Commonwealth,
     be and the same are hereby extended and made applicable to the
     collection of city taxes on unseated lots or lands within the
     city of Pittsburgh; and upon the sale of any such lots or lands
     within the limits of said city, it shall be the duty of the
     commissioners of Allegheny County to pay to the treasurer of
     said city the amount of city taxes which may be due thereon.
     1850, May 6, P.L. 692, Sec. 22.