Act of Apr. 30, 1850, P.L. 649, No. 382              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     Supplementary to an act relating to the borough of Bridesburg;
        and relative to Shackamaxon square, in Kensington district,
        in the county of Philadelphia.

        Section 9.  Shackamaxon Square
        The public square in the District of Kensington, in the
     county of Philadelphia, bounded on the Northwest by the
     Frankford Road, on the Southeast by Beach Street, on the
     Southwest by Maiden Street and on the Northeast by Manderson
     street, is hereby named and shall hereafter be called
     Shackamaxon Square; and the commissioners of said Kensington
     District shall, at all times hereafter, keep said square
     properly enclosed and planted with trees; and no building shall
     every be erected thereon; and it shall be lawful for said
     commissioners, whenever they shall deem it expedient so to do,
     to remove the market-house fronting on Beach Street, for the
     purpose of enlarging and improving said Shackamaxon Square.
     1850, April 30, P.L. 649, Sec. 9.