Act of Apr. 26, 1850, P.L. 577, No. 348              Cl. 60
                                  AN ACT

     To incorporate the Wyoming County mutual insurance company;
        relating to Library street, in the city of Philadelphia;
        giving jurisdiction to the court of common pleas in Tioga
        county, in a certain divorce case; and relating to paving in
        front of the prison in the county of Philadelphia.

        Section 24.  Release of legacy, etc; made out of State, but
     charged on land within the State
        Any release or other instrument of writing, being evidence of
     the payment or release of any legacy or recognizance charged
     upon lands or tenements within this State, that have been, or
     may hereafter be made out of this State, or within the same, and
     which shall have been duly acknowledged, or the execution
     thereof proved in the manner provided by the existing laws for
     the acknowledgment and proof of the execution of deeds or other
     instruments of writing, concerning any lands or tenements and
     hereditaments, in order to authorize the same to be recorded,
     may be recorded in the office for the recording of deeds in the
     county where such real estate may be situate, and copies or
     exemplifications of such release or other instruments of
     writing, acknowledged or proved and recorded as aforesaid, being
     examined by the recorder, and certified under the seal of his
     office, which the said recorder is hereby required to do, shall
     be allowed in all courts where produced, or elsewhere, and are
     hereby declared to be as good evidence, and as valid and
     effectual in law as the original instrument of writing would be,
     if duly proved, and the same may be made use of accordingly.
     1850, April 26, P.L. 577, Sec. 24.