Act of Apr. 25, 1850, P.L. 569, No. 347              Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     Relating to the bail of executrixes; to partition in the
        orphans' court and common pleas; to colored convicts in
        Philadelphia; to the limitation of actions against
        corporations; to actions enforcing the payment of ground
        rent; to trustees of married women; to appeals from awards of
        arbitrators by corporations; to hawkers and pedlers in the
        counties of Butler and Union; to the payment of costs in
        actions by informers in certain cases; to taxing lands
        situate in different townships; and in relation to fees of
        county treasurers of Lycoming, Clinton and Schuylkill; to
        provide for recording the accounts of executors,
        administrators, guardians and auditors' reports; and to amend
        and alter existing laws relative to the administration of
        justice in this commonwealth.
        Section 21.  No right of way shall be hereafter acquired by
     user, where such way passes through uninclosed woodland; but on
     clearing such woodland, the owner or owners thereof shall be at
     liberty to enclose the same, as if no such way had been used
     through the same before such clearing or enclosure.
        (21 reenacted and amended July 1, 1981, P.L.198, No.61)
        Compiler's Note:  Section 2 of Act 61 of 1981, which
            reenacted and amended section 21, provided that Act 61
            shall take effect immediately and shall be retroactive to
            December 10, 1974, and shall be construed to continue the
            law on this subject which was in effect immediately prior
            to that date.