Act of Apr. 6, 1850, P.L. 387, No. 284              Cl. 16
                                  AN ACT

     Supplementary to an act, entitled "An Act to establish a uniform
        standard for the measurement of bituminous coal, and
        authorizing the appointment of a wood inspector in the
        borough of Lewistown;" to extend Hancock street, in the city
        of Pittsburg; and in relation to a tavern license in Mifflin
        county; and to incorporate the East Birmingham and Mount
        Oliver turnpike and plank road company.

        Section 1.  Standard of weight of coal
        Where disagreements arise between the seller and buyer of
     bituminous coal, in the county of Allegheny, as to the measure
     of good merchantable coal, put into the wagon, car or cart, at
     the mouth of the pit, or at any of the wharves in the county of
     Allegheny, a standard of weight shall be established, of
     seventy-six pounds avoirdupois to the bushel of merchantable
     coal.  1850, April 6, P.L. 387, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  On disagreement, weigh-master to superintend
        On the parties disagreeing as to the measure of coal, and
     consenting to have the load or loads weighed and taken to a
     properly adjusted scale, the weigh-master of said scale shall
     superintend the weighing of the suspected load, estimating the
     number of bushels by the standard weight of seventy-six pounds
     to the bushel; for which service he shall be entitled to the
     usual fee or fees charged for similar draughts, to be paid by
     the party in error, on the presentation of a certificate of
     weight by the said officer; the amount of said fee to be
     collected as debts of like amount are recoverable by law.  1850,
     April 6, P.L. 387, Sec. 2.
        Section 4.  Sealing of coal carts and wagons
        No beds of wagons, cars or carts, except those from which
     coal is sold and delivered, shall require the sealer's mark, nor
     shall the standard of weight be applied where the coal stands in
     the bed up to the sealer's mark at which it is proposed to sell.
     Provided, That the miner or miners using the car or cars to
     convey the coal from the pit to the platform, can at any time
     they suspect the measurement allowed to any car or cars, compel
     the employer or employers to have the same measured and branded
     by the sealer of weights and measures, under the penalty
     heretofore enacted for refusal to have the sealer's mark or
     brand placed on the cars, carts and wagons.  1850, April 6, P.L.
     387, Sec. 4.