Act of Apr. 6, 1848, P.L. 357, No. 280              Cl. 11
                           A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT

     To an act, entitled "An Act to incorporate Kensington district
        of the Northern Liberties."

        Section 9.  Fairhill and Norris Squares
        The present trustees of the Fairhill Estate, under the will
     of Joseph Parker Norris, and the trustees of Joseph Parker
     Norris, the younger, under said will, be and they are hereby
     authorized and empowered to grant, bargain and sell to the
     commissioners of the said Kensington District, (now a part of
     Philadelphia.) in fee simple, for such consideration as they may
     think proper, and to be held for public use as a public green
     and walk forever, and to be used for no other use or purpose
     whatever, the plot or square of ground now called "Fairhill
     Square, " part of the said Fairhill Estate, bounded by Lehigh
     Avenue on the north, by Huntingdon Street on the south, Fourth
     Street on the east and Apple Street on the west; and also the
     plot or quare of ground now called "Norris Square," part of the
     said Fairhill Estate, bounded by Susquehanna Avenue on the
     north, Diamond Street on the south, Howard Street on the east
     and Hancock Street on the west; and Clinton Street, as laid down
     in the plan of the county, running through the same from
     Susquehanna Avenue to Diamond Street, is hereby vacated:
     Provided, That the said commissioners of Kensington shall at all
     times, hereafter, keep the said two squares of ground properly
     enclosed and planted with trees, for public squares and walks,
     for light, air and recreation, forever: And provided further,
     That a majority of all the persons having a vested interest in
     the said two squares of ground shall consent to such grant and
     dedication of the same as aforesaid and such squares shall never
     be used for any other purpose whatever, and no building shall
     ever be erected thereon.  1848, April 6, P.L. 357, Sec. 9.