Act of Apr. 5, 1848, P.L. 335, No. 266              Cl. 72
                                  AN ACT

     Changing the time when certain officers shall make their

        Section 1.  Penalty for failure to account and pay tax
        The several prothonotaries or clerks of the Supreme Court, of
     the courts of nisi prius, of the courts of common pleas, of the
     district courts, of the courts of oyer and terminer and general
     jail delivery, of the courts of quarter sessions of the peace,
     of the orphans' court, the register of wills, the recorders of
     deeds and notaries public in this Commonwealth, and all other
     officers of this Commonwealth who are now or who may hereafter
     be required to render accounts of fees received by them as well
     as of the State tax on original writs, amicable actions, writs
     of certiorari, judgments by confessions or otherwise,
     transcripts of judgments, deeds, mortgages, or any other
     instruments of writing, letters testamentary and letters of
     administration, shall make out and transmit to the Auditor
     General, during the month of December in each year, their
     respective accounts, to be computed for the year ending with the
     thirtieth day of November then next preceding, and shall pay
     over to the State Treasurer, within the said specified time, the
     several amounts that may be due to the Commonwealth; and any
     officer failing to render his account, and make payment as
     herein required, shall not be entitled to receive any commission
     on the same, and the Auditor General shall charge such officer
     interest at the rate of twelve per cent per annum upon the
     amount due the Commonwealth, until paid.  1848, April 5, P.L.
     335, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Suits to be brought for taxes
        If any of the said officers shall neglect or refuse to settle
     and pay over the full amount due to the Commonwealth to the
     State Treasurer, at the times hereinbefore directed, the Auditor
     General shall direct the proper attorney for the Commonwealth,
     in the respective county, or other competent attorney, to sue
     for and recover the same, without any stay of execution, and
     without allowing to such delinquent officer any compensation or
     commissions.  All laws not hereby altered, or that are not
     inconsistent herewith, shall be and remain in force.  1848,
     April 5, P.L. 335, Sec. 2.