Act of Mar. 30, 1848, P.L. 308, No. 250              Cl. 36
                                  AN ACT

     Relating to roads between the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

        Section 1.  Repair of roads on State line
        For the purpose of opening and keeping in repair any road now
     or hereafter to be laid out, by authority of law, on the line
     between the states of pennsylvania and ohio, it shall be the
     duty of the road supervisors, or other officer or officers
     having charge of the public roads in any two adjoining townships
     through which such road may pass, one of which shall be on
     either side of said line, to meet annually on the first day of
     April, or as soon thereafter as conveniently may be, and lay off
     so much of said road as shall lie between such adjoining
     townships into sections not exceeding one mile in length, as
     they may think most convenient, and suitably mark the same, and
     divide said sections equally between said adjoining townships,
     and cause a record thereof to be made on the book of the
     township clerk of said adjoining townships, respectively; and it
     is hereby made the duty of said clerks to make such record; and
     thenceforth it shall be the duty of such supervisors, or other
     officer or officers as aforesaid, to open and keep in repair
     such portion or portions of such road, as may thus be allotted
     to the township of which they may be supervisors, or other
     officers as aforesaid, respectively, under the same penalties as
     or may be imposed upon such officers by the road laws of said
     states, respectively.  1848, March 30, P.L. 308, Sec. 1.