Act of Apr. 16, 1845, P.L. 507, No. 342              Cl. 72
                                  AN ACT

     To provide for the ordinary expenses of the government, repair
        of the canals and railroads of the state, and other claims
        upon the commonwealth.

        Section 3.  Annual estimate of contingent expenses
        In order to enable the Legislature hereafter to make specific
     appropriations for the expenses of the government, it shall be
     the duty of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and
     superintendent of common schools, Auditor General, State
     Treasurer, Surveyor General and canal commissioners, severally,
     to communicate to the Legislature, on or before the third
     Tuesday of January in each and every year hereafter a detailed
     estimate of the contingent expenses of their several
     departments, for one year from the first day of June then next
     succeeding. 1845, April 16, P.L. 507, Sec. 3.
        Section 5.  Expense of removing convicts (5 repealed Aug. 11,
     2009, P.L.147, No.33)