Act of Apr. 16, 1844, P.L. 274, No. 192              Cl. 68
                           A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT

     To the act of the twenty-fourth of March, one thousand eight
        hundred and eighteen, entitled "An Act to enable aliens to
        purchase and hold real estate in the commonwealth."

        Section 1.  Title of aliens to lands, not exceeding 2000
     acres, confirmed
        All purchases of lands, tenements and hereditaments, within
     this Commonwealth, not exceeding two thousand acres, heretofore
     made by any alien or aliens and in all cases where such alien or
     aliens shall have inherited the same by descent or otherwise,
     the title of such alien or aliens is hereby confirmed; and it
     shall be lawful for such alien or aliens to hold the same as
     fully and to all intents and purposes, as any citizen of the
     United States might or could do: Provided, That nothing herein
     contained shall, in any wise, affect or impair the vested rights
     of any individual or individuals.  (1844, April 16, P.L. 274,
     Sec. 1.)