Act of Aug. 2, 1842, P.L. 458, No. 129              Cl. 10
                                  AN ACT

     Annexing the county of Schuylkill to the Eastern District of the
        Supreme Court, and for other purposes.

        Section 32.  Religious societies empowered to hold real
        It shall and may be lawful for any religious denomination or
     society within this Commonwealth to purchase, take, receive, and
     hold by deed, gift, grant, or otherwise, lands or tenements, for
     the purposes of burying grounds, churches, parsonages, school
     houses and alms-houses, for any estate whatsoever, and to have
     and to hold the same according to the respective rules and
     disciplinary regulations of said religious societies: Provided,
     That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to permit
     any religious denomination or society, or any person in trust
     for them, unless specially authorized by its charter to
     purchase, take or hold real estate, except for the purposes
     aforesaid; and so much of the act (act of 1730, Feb. 6, 1 sm.l.
     192.) of the sixth of February, 1730 and 1731, entitled "an act
     for the enabling religious societies of protestants, within this
     province, to purchase lands for burying grounds, churches,
     houses of worship, schools and so forth," as is inconsistent
     herewith, be and the same is hereby repealed.  1842, Aug. 2,
     P.L. 458, Sec. 32.